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Lori Dekermenjian

Lori Dekermenjian

Company JohnHart Real Estate
DRE 02012463

About Lori Dekermenjian

Born and raised in Southern California, I consider Los Angeles my home. My passion for this city, its people, and its architecture runs deep. Every area, street, and neighborhood has its own identity and its own characteristics both natural and man-made. This wildly diverse culture gives rise to some of the most beautiful and unique homes. I love being in an area with so much diversity because I get to work with so many different people from all walks of life. I love learning about my clients and then making it my goal to find them the home that fits their unique personality. I am passionate about what I do and I believe a house is more than a house- it’s a home! It’s a place you can make your own and I consider it a distinct honor to help you find that place.

In addition to this, I have been in the world of finance since I was seventeen years old. I put myself through college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. I understand money. I understand interest rates. I understand insurance and taxes. I was exposed to all these at a young age and I’ve had some great mentors who I have learned from. I also understand people. I understand needs and wants, must-haves and like-to-haves. 5-year plans, retirement plans, even 401k plans. When it comes to personal finance, I’ve got you covered. I like to simplify these infamously complex things and help you navigate through them. Whether you want to buy or sell, build your real estate portfolio, get advice, or make a plan. Call me, because I don’t trust anyone else.

Benefits of Buying Real Property

There are wide array of benefits for buying real property. From social to economic, and even political, benefits of owning real property can't be easily counted. Real property offers an anchorage to family geographic zoning. Owners enjoy the benefits of forming closer connections with their community, through local businesses, schools, worship places and neighbors.

As always, economic benefit is a good starting point. Did you know that by paying $900/month rent you are throwing away $54,000? Yes, rent is a waste of money. Rent can't be even claimed in tax returns. In contrast, monthly payments towards mortgage payment plan will expand homeowners' wealth as equity is created. Moreover, buying a real property increases credit rating through regular payment history and location security. Even more, real property buyers can claim interest in their yearly tax returns (consult a tax expert for more details).

On the political level, homeowners exercise more influence on political decision makers. Because most county and state profits are based on real property taxes, politicians answer demands of property owners before renters (who are usually relocating). For example, when the financial crisis struck the U.S. markets in middle of 2007, the federal government quickly enacted laws to protect property owners. The same issue played a crucial role in 2008 Presidential elections.

In addition to economic and political benefits, real property buyers enjoy better social standings. Because property owners are more constraint to move, they form social networks with their local community. Neighbors invite each other for birthdays and other events. Housewives form local groups to help raise the children of the community. Even in safety, most communities utilize local neighborhood watches to keep crime level at a low level.

Finally, by buying a real property, individuals achieve the American Dream. Thanks to the U.S. government system, ownership rights are at the foundational core of the United States. A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction beholds property owners as they are free to express themselves within their own castles. Buying real property is as simple as desires of potential buyers.

This information is an estimate and for research purposes only. The estimate is based on prevailing rates typical in the industry and your own input concerning salary and assets, which JohnHart has no way of verifying. The estimate does not purport to include every potential expense involved in purchasing a home (including but not limited to taxes and HOA fees) which can vary widely by property and location. Neither JohnHart nor any of its affiliates make any warranties or guarantees in any way about the likelihood of obtaining a loan for a house and on what terms (if at all) a prospective buyer may be able to obtain a loan. Prospective buyers must consult a lender for qualification and for terms of qualification according to a buyer’s financial situation at the time and the property sought. This information only represents an estimate based on average financial terms prevailing at the time and may be different from what you see from a lender depending on, amongst other things, your individual financial situation and time period during which you seek a loan.